Interracial cuckold amateurs.

Posted on 06. Feb, 2010 by tinydick hubby in Interracial Pics

From the very first time I saw Jill pull down the boxers of our first “encounter” and exposed her lovers man-sized cock I knew my place. I have a much smaller than average penis. I am attractive enough and make a good living so I have a very good looking wife but I am “short” in the bedroom. I am totally and completely submissive when there is a dominant male involved.

interracial cuckold amateurs

interracial cuckold amateurs

From that very first encounter I learned that when I am in the presence of a dominante man (just about every warm blooded guy I meet) my penis shrivels up to about one inch and with my smooth “parts” it is easy to see that my balls are small as well, about the size of large marbles. Over the years Jill has teased me relentlessly about my selfconciousness and about my size. We have been with several men that she insisted on actually measuring and comparing with me. There were times that she took pics (one is posted on this site). This was back in the days of one hour photo shops and she got a kick out of the fact that I had to go and personally pick up photos of us and our big black friends.

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